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Take advantage of our seminars presented by the artists below. Seating is limited so don't wait to grab a seat. Links are below to book each seminar. 

Friday @ 10 am   $222

The seminar will cover the following topics in detail:

-Evolving your art style to stay relevant 

-Mixing black and gray with color composition 

-Cohesive design 

-Different shading applications 

-Line work stability 

-Needle preferences & machine speeds 

-Blank & grey opaque

Friday @ 1 pm    $275

The seminar will be a 5 hour live color portrait tattoo and will also cover the following topics in detail:

• Anatomy

• Ink Mixing

• Skin Tones

• Lighting and Focal Points

• Techniques and Configurations

• Skin Care

• Digital Tools

Friday @ 6:30 pm    $150

This seminar is a culmination of 27 years as a creative artist, taught from a place of love and passion for the art and craft of tattooing. From art tips to life as an artist tips, this seminar touches many tattoo topics that affect the creative tattooer.  From burnout to mental health to understanding what it takes to overcome many of the hurdles the creative tattoo artist may face through out this career.  This seminar is sure to light a flame of inspiration to help you take the next steps in your career.


️ One of the biggest topics in design today is how to use Artificial Intelligence. We will be hosting a seminar on this topic at the @tctaexpo

in West Palm Beach which will be open to anyone who’s interested.

@koyotsurok is a tattoo artist with a background in 3D graphics who uses all possible methods of working with AI to create unique designs. In this seminar we will be going over a number of different techniques ranging from simple to advanced ways of using AI to design, including:

Creating an unlimited number of artworks in different styles according to your description.
Turning simple lines into colored and realistic illustrations.
Changing the poses of any character.
And restoring old photos to a crisp modern quality.

All these operations can be accomplished in a few minutes using AI, which could save you a lot of time designing! Don’t skip out on a chance to learn everything about AI & design in our seminar on Saturday at 11 am.

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Saturday @ noon     free

This seminar is open to general public

In the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art, the study of art and tattoo history offers a unique and invaluable perspective. This presentation delves into the benefits that exploring these historical narratives can bring to modern artists. Discover how delving into the depths of art history can ignite creativity and provide a deep well of inspiration. By examining the works of iconic artists and the evolution of artistic movements, modern artists gain a broader understanding of aesthetics, styles, and the foundations of artistic expression. Additionally, exploring tattoo history unveils an often-overlooked facet of artistry. Tattoo art has a rich and diverse history, and it has significantly impacted mainstream art culture. Understanding the origins, symbolism, and techniques of tattooing can inform contemporary artistic practice and open up new avenues for self-expression. Join us for an engaging exploration of these two interconnected worlds, and learn how embracing the past can enrich the present for artists looking to push the boundaries of their creativity. Whether you're a traditional, realism, or eclectic artist, this presentation will highlight the countless benefits that studying art and tattoo history can offer in your artistic journey.

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