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Image by Dan Farrell

Urban Art Gallery

Tattoo Artist Art Gallery Registration

Please provide the following information to take part in our art gallery. EACH artist participating should provide their information. 

Tags will be made to hang next to your art work using the info below.

The tag will include your name, social media handle, price (IF for sale) & booth # at the expo, so PLEASE make sure info is accurate. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS By tattoo shop owner/manager/Exhibitor/representative ("Exhibitor") submitting this form to participate at the Treasure Coast Tattoo and Art Expo ("TCTAE") art gallery, Exhibitor is providing an electronic signature that Exhibitor has read, agrees to and accepts the following terms and conditions, rules/regulations/requirements/policies and to hold harmless, all as set forth below: Set up will begin on Thursday, June 20th at approximately 4pm – 9pm, and on Friday morning, June 21st from 7:00am - 11:00am.  Exhibitors agree to have art work brought to designated area by noon on Friday June 21st to have it displayed.   TCTAE will be diligent in securing the event space and art gallery daily and nightly, however, TCTAE cannot be responsible for your merchandise, equipment, personal items, art work etc.... TCTAE is not responsible for any lost, damaged, missing, or stolen artwork from booth, art gallery or any part of the facility. TCTAE  makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the number of persons who will attend the Event or regarding any other matters. Exhibitor hereby recognizes that cancellations in appearance, or attendance, of guests, celebrities, talent, companies, groups, organizations, or associations is a common occurrence. Thus, TCTAE makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, regardless of announcement or promotion, of the attendance, or appearance of any guest, celebrity, talent, company, individual or group to attend, or appear, at TCTAE. The agreement to terms and conditions provided during the online application/registration  process is also binding to the rules in this document, and all exhibitors were provided with this document prior to registration to participate in the art gallery, and made aware they were agreeing to these terms to display their art work by submission of this online form and with the purchase of their booth, vending space or table.

Thanks for submitting!We’ll get back to you shortly.

The Urban Art Gallery

The Urban Art Gallery is just that an art gallery. Why the name? Well we decided on the name because of our set up. We wanted to create an event that all artists could participate so we have tried to keep thing AFFORDABLE! We decided to use freestanding chain link fence panels as the "walls" of our gallery. Thus making it a bit different and urban if you will. The gallery is open to any and all artists who have created original pieces of art work. 

The set up: 

The gallery will be set as a co-op/shared space using the set up as shown below or similar. This setup will be repeated to form rows. 

Some things to note if you are interested in setting up with us as an artist! 

- Both sides of the fencing will be used. So you will have artists on both sides of the "wall"/fence. We ask artists to be careful and respectful of other artists work when you are hanging your work. 

- This is a shared space. Though ONLY your work will go on your purchased wall you will be in a shared space with potentially two or three other artists. 

- You have a small space where you can bring a chair and set up a small area to sell prints. We recommend using a folding rack. 

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